Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tips for Long Term Travel in Europe

For the long-term traveler, Europe certainly offers plenty to keep you on the road. From its mystical Northern Lights to its beguiling Southern shores, and from its historic sites to its modern cities, Europe provides enough stories to fill a million traveller’s tales. For more information visit
The Fjord at Ornes by Lazio Photo
Travelling longer term, however, is a strange mix of fulfilling dreams, handling practical details and slipping into a completely new mind-set. Here are some essential travel trips to help you prepare practically and philosophically for a slow trip through Europe.  Extended Stay Hotels – More choices, more deals. Over 680 locations across the U.S. and Canada

The Zen of European slow travel
For those who balk at the idea of jetting between Paris, Budapest and Madrid in just six days, Europe offers plenty of opportunities to base yourself in fascinating areas and live with the locals for a while – travelling deeply rather than skimming the surfaces and ticking off the sights. Book your accommodation in France with PV-Holidays, the French Holiday Expert''
To really get to know the region you’re in, consider planning an activity there – learning the language or volunteering are both great ways to stimulate and integrate yourself as you travel. WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a great way to experience local life and save your euros at the same time.
Agriturismo by Comprock
Agriturismo by Comprock
You’ll need to adopt a mind-set far removed from that of your usual hectic lifestyle at home. Forget the rush and enjoy taking things at a more relaxed pace. While it’s possible to travel at a frantic pace for a month this will not be sustainable longer term. Build in planned breaks and longer stays or risk succumbing to stress, exhaustion and travel fatigue.
Similarly, if you’re travelling on a tight budget, don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then – all stinting and no play can make Jack’s trip something of a dull dog. Go to for budget vacation.

Practical considerations
As well as approaching your trip with the right attitude, you’ll also need to prepare and handle the nitty-gritty of European travel like visas, travel, budgeting and packing.
In Europe, accommodation can quickly eat into your budget so make sure you've explored alternatives to hotels for destinations you stay in.  Volunteering, couch surfing, home exchanges, hostels and camping can all help stretch the squeeze on your euros. The perfect family vacation. Stay in a comfortable home, no hotel blues. Regional, International Home Swaps. 29,000+ Worldwide Listings.
Making sure you have the right train ticket for your trip is another way you can save money. Investigate the different packages available to travel cheaply between the countries you plan to visit.
Switzerland's Glacier Express by Kevin Poh
Switzerland's Glacier Express by Kevin Poh
 is a must. If you've packed lightly and feel insuring your luggage is not really worth it, consider looking for an insurance policy that omits this and offers you a cheaper premium – but never go without. The Foreign Office travel advice pages quote the potential high costs of hospital treatment and medical repatriation at anything from £12,000 – £45,000. Traveling abroad? Get International Health Insurance with MultiNational Underwriters®.
If you’re eligible, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can give you the right to emergency medical treatment under the health system of over 30 European countries and should be carried at all times.
Enjoy yourself
All of your careful planning will enable you to enjoy the delights of Europe so here are some highlights to whet your appetite: Visit
  • Breathe the history of the ultimate medieval walled town, Rothenburg in Germany.
  • Get mystical at the prehistoric stone fortress in Ireland’s DĂșn Aengus.
  • Feel the poetry within the landscapes of England’s Lake District.
  • Follow the right track across southern Switzerland on Europe’s most scenic train ride: the Glacier Express.
  • Float yourself through the beautiful scenery on a boat trip between Stockholm and Helsinki.
  • Sample the underrated delights of Vinho Verde (green wine) in Portugal.
  • Be inspired by the magnificent fjords of Norway.
  • Enjoy the alpine views in Slovenia for a refreshing escape from the crowds, or discover your own pristine beaches in Albania.  Extended Stay Hotels – More choices, more deals. Over 680 locations across the U.S. and Canada

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