Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tips for Working While Traveling

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Ah the work-life balance. These days, it’s a daily struggle for most people and, when you are working on the road, it can be even more difficult to juggle. 
For those looking for the ideal life hack for working while you travel, Life Hacker has a few suggestions. 
The websites Kristin Wong suggests front-loading tasks as one way to accomplish this. 
“If you have a job that allows you to work in advance or set your own schedule, you can try to get as much done as possible before you leave. Give yourself a couple of extra hours each day the week before you leave to do the following week’s work,” she writes. 
Wong also notes that choosing the time of day you fly is another good way to get work done. 
“You don’t want jet lag to cut into your work or travel time, so pick a flight that works well with your schedule. Even better, use your flight time strategically and catch up on sleep or work,” she writes. 
Use your out of office. 
“Even when I know someone is working while they travel, I always appreciate an out of office reply that reminds me that I might not get a quick response, or lets me know when I will get a response,” notes Wong. 
For more tips on how to work while you are traveling, read on here.  Click here

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